Sometimes we all need to hit a reset button on our sex lives. Everyone has their own reasons to need something new, from opening up with a new partner to adding a spark in a long term relationship. No matter what your reason is, this guide to a few sex games to include in the bedroom are sure to help!

Strip Twister

I don’t know about you, but even regular Twister can get you closer to someone so there is not doubt that Strip Twister can get you closer to your partner. The game is basically constructed to already be a form of foreplay. Adding in the extra sexy element of taking off clothes in the mix and you have a hot and heavy sex game. Follow the original rules of the game but each time someone “loses,” they have to take off an article of clothing. The first person who has removed all of their clothes has to pleasure the winner any way they’d like.

Adult Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare was already a pretty risky game as it was. In this edition, everything is revolved around sex. When it comes to the questions you and your partner ask for truths, go for the raunchiest sex fantasy you’ve ever imagined, or any sexual question you’ve wanted to know about your partner. For dare, consider doing something out of you and your partner’s comfort zones. This is when your imagination can run wild!

Photo Credit: Vinícius Vieira

Time Play

Use the timer on your phone and pick a short time interval. Then, you are to pick a form of touch that’s non-penetrative for whatever interval you choose to do to your partner. Then the two of you continuously switch between them. The fun in the game is to set a certain amount of turns per person before you give into your desires. Once you’ve reached your goal, you two can ditch the game (and the clothes).


You and your partner will make a “yes” list, a “no” list, and a “maybe” list. Your “yes” list should be filled with sexual activities you want to try. Your “no” list would be the activities you are not comfortable with doing. The “maybe” list are the things you’re curious about but haven’t quite tried yet.  Your “maybe” list gives you a chance to suggest some of the things you’ve been apprehensive to try before. You and your partner can go back and forth all night trying the items on your “yes” and “maybe” lists. It should be a night of sexual exploration, remember to relax and have fun!

Photo Credit: Git Stephen Gitau

*Bonus: Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties and wearable massagers are must-haves for anyone’s goodie drawer, but why not take them out for a night on the town? Before going out to dinner, both you and your partner simply each slip on a pair and exchange remotes. When you’re out to eat, whoever orgasms first (remember: discretion is key here!) has to pick up the tab for dinner. If you’re having fun, you can go round two for dessert.