We all know that Black Creatives Matter and for so long our community hasn’t gotten the respect or credit we deserve. Black creatives, black culture, black everything has always been the blueprint and will forever be.

To close out Black History Month we decided to reach out to nine black creatives who are excelling and thriving in their respective industries of journalism, digital marketing, film, television and more. No matter the tribulation or test, these black creatives have faced adversity head on and continued to strive for success. We hope their quotes can serve as inspiration for you and remind you that nothing is impossible, keep dreaming and believing. 

  1. Melicia Shae: News Personality, Host, Producer

Comparing yourself to others is a waste of time. You’re not here to be better or less than someone else. You’re here to be you. Focus on figuring out who you are, what you believe and what you want. Remember, your mind is a tool that you’re in control of. Don’t let it be in control of you. Lastly, focus more on having fun instead of being in a rush. After all, what do you have to prove?” 

Home Gurl Heather: Video Producer, Director, Storyteller 

Trust the process, and enjoy the ride. Everyone’s journey is unique, there is no right or wrong way, manifest what you want, plant the seeds, water them, and watch them grow.

Omari Collins: Video Creator 

Don’t work for your first name, work for your last.”

Dominique: Creative Director

I’d say to my younger self and other creatives out there for BHM that the success is in the work. You can’t skip the work. In a world vying for popcorn, overnight success, be the outlier. Learn and work towards your craft. Be relentless and authentic. Create without boundaries. Not for likes or vanity metrics. Put your heart into your work and people will feel that passion. The money, the visibility, the success will come when it’s time – focus on doing the work first.”

Ty Cole: News Personality 

Never tone yourself down because the right people will notice you, want to work with, love you, and be around you. In this industry, there are so many personas that it’s hard to tell who is real and who is fake. If you lead with authenticity, the RIGHT doors will open for you. Always show the colors that are true to you, not the facade others want to paint for you.”

Paige Shari’ Addison: Media Personality, Entrepreneur 

Don’t worry about it. Just be responsible. Don’t try to worry about being it all and doing it all. Just allow yourself to just be. God is pleased with you. Be who you’re supposed to be right now.”

Tash J. Mack: Entrepreneur

Trust the process. So many times I would be up and down a financial or “success” rollercoaster and looking back it was all in perfect timing and i will always keep getting better and come out at the top when it’s all said and done.”

Miya J. Williams: Associate Director, Digital Marketing 

Write the vision. Walk in the power of you and give yourself grace along the way. If you saw the vision, lead with that and trust yourself. Don’t ever give up, Go for it! God wouldn’t give you the creativity and the vision if he didn’t trust you with it – it’s our assignment. Pick up every treasure along the way, and surrender any doubt, anxiety and distractions that do not serve you. When you check off one goal make another one even higher. On heavy days, rest to reset. To every black little girl/young girl/ or woman – command the room. Know that you are worthy. Use your voice, work together and continue to make space for one another. Creatives are the culture light barriers, so continue to create – it’s our super power.”

Dj Sturgess: Media Personality, DJ

You got that SAUCE – take that & magnify it by 1 million & do all the things you never would’ve imagined.
The sky is NOT the limit.
Run your race at God’s pace.”