Interracial marriages are at an all-time high and is steadily on the rise. When in an interracial relationship, it’s crucial to have conversations about race and raising Black kids in the United States.

This conversation recently came up in the latest season of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind.” Amber Desiree had a conversation with Kenneth, who was in an interracial relationship, about the realities of raising Black children in America. If you are in an interracial relationship, an honest about these realities is necessary. Here are five tips for the person having “the talk” with their partner about raising Black kids.

Be Honest and Upfront

Black people in America face racial biases and barriers because of the color of their skin. If you are in an interracial relationship, it’s important to ensure your partner understands this reality. Openly and honestly talking about the realities your future children might encounter is essential.

Lead With Graciousness

Since your partner comes from a different ethnic background, their life experiences will be different from yours. It’s a beautiful thing and a reason why you would love and appreciate them. Allow your differences to be learning opportunities. 

Share your experiences and explain the adversities you have faced. Allow your partner to ask questions about your experience, how it impacted you and how they might handle similar situations when it raising Black kids.

Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is key in difficult conversations. Allow your partner the opportunity to learn from you and see a new perspective of the world through your eyes. Share the joys and the beauty of Black culture, along with the struggles. 

Role Play and Set Expectations

Role play different scenarios and situations that your future interracial children might face. Discuss how you might handle it and how you’d like to see your partner show up in these situations. Walking through these practices now might help your partner build the emotional intelligence and critical skills necessary to protect and care for Black children. 

Provide Resources

Help your partner engage with online communities and resources surrounding race and raising Black children. It’s important to walk alongside your partner as they grow in understanding and help them find community. One example is Be the Bridge, an organization focused on building awareness and response to the world’s racial brokenness and systemic injustice. They provide a number of resources about motherhood and parenting Black kids.