The traditional idea of marriage has been questioned time and time again throughout the years. As of lately, it seems like more people are open to the idea of a non-monogamous union than anything else. One study has the numbers to prove it.

The pandemic was an eye-opener for many couples. Forced lockdown helped many realize that their partners no longer fulfills them completely. For many, the first decision was to exit the relationship altogether, but is leaving the only option?


The Next Generation of Non-Monogamy study revealed a growth in interest of non-monogamous relationships amongst women. It shows three findings about the lack of sustainability of monogamy and how more fluid relationships benefit many. Let’s break them down:

Many Agree That Society Would Benefit from A Shift Toward Non-Monogamy

In the study, almost a quarter of the participants surveyed believe this. There is a belief that divorces would decrease, open-mindedness would grow, people would learn to be direct about what they want and that there would be less pressure on one person to fulfill all of their partner’s needs. In areas of mental health, individual sexuality and sexual expression, family life and child rearing as well as personal finance and the economy, a majority of participants say that there will be a large benefit from shifting to more non monogamous relationships.

The Promiscuity And Sexual Freedom That Comes With Non-Monogamy Is Of Value

65% percent of participants don’t believe in monogamy at all. Interestingly enough, 26% of Americans in a YouGov survey say that their ideal relationship right now would be something non-monogamous, which includes one romantic relationship with sexual activity on the outside or casual partners rather than anything serious. When asked how monogamy does or would make them feel, 26% of participants say they’d be unfulfilled and 23% say trapped.

For some open monogamy marriages, keeping the emotional monogamy is a priority, while seeking sexual excitement outside the marriage can heighten things for both partners.

-Dr. Tammy Nelson

Author of “Open Monogamy

Women Are The Trailblazers In Non-Monogamy

Women do have desires and actually enjoy sex. 26% of women compared to 13% of men in the study have some sort of non-monogamous relationship with their partner. In fact, 65% of women don’t even believe in the construct of monogamy, with 56% of them realizing this in the past year. Unfortunately, 57% of women realized how unfulfilled they were with monogamy but didn’t want to leave their partner. 39% realized that their various needs can only be met by various partners. The growing trend toward non-monogamy is being led by women, and it’s not slowing down.