Summer Walker has been glowing through her entire pregnancy and has brought her fans along through her journey. From the subtle pregnancy announcement to the devices she keeps at home, we’ve seen it all. One thing we haven’t seen is much detail about what she will be delivering. She has never made it clear if she was having a boy or girl but her doula may have spilled the beans that it cold be both!

As you may recall, Erykah Badu acted as Walker’s doula when the Over It artist gave birth to her first-born child, Bubbles, whom she shared with producer London On The Track. Badu also has a track record for revealing tidbits of information that keeps us all on our toes about her doula services. Before Walker officially announced she was pregnant, Badu posted an image of the singer to her Instagram story with the caption “& for my next act,” seeming to not only confirm the pregnancy but that she will be returning as the doula once more for this expecting mom.

This time around, Badu took to Instagram to share that she is currently training her daughter, Puma, and she will be shadowing her as they “assist a mom who is in labor with twins.”

Shortly after Badu posted that, Walker took to her Instagram story to post images of her and Badu. The “Window Seat” singer was wearing the same outfit as she was in her own Instagram post. Summer Walker has not announced when she is due to give birth but it has been about six months since she announced her pregnancy. We may have two new celebrity babies on the way very soon!