It’s official, Issa Rae will accept a Peabody Trailblazer Award. The media mogul, and cultural phenomenon will be recognized for her outstanding “storytelling” through her comedy shows Insecure, Rap Sh!t, and Black Lady Sketch Show. Rae, 38, is also acknowledged for her “original narratives” and how she used the internet to gain notoriety from Black culture.

She supports Black people while building her empire and speaking against injustices against them. Rae represents Black women who took a risk on their creativity and pursued their dreams. This star can’t be stopped as she continues to receive her flowers this year. 21Ninety is taking a look back and the major accomplishments she’s achieved so far in 2023.

Prepping To Play Spider Woman

Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The “Insecure” star will voice Spider-woman in the animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse” sequel. Rae hit CinemaCon’s red carpet to promote the highly anticipated movie which is set to release in June 2. The movie’s cast includes high profile actors like Oscar winner, Daniel Kuulaya and Brian Tyree Henry. In 2021, the actress confirmed being cast in Marvel’s new movie on Instagram.

“I have loved Spider-man since the third grade. A dream come true,” she wrote. 

A Black Barbie In The Making  

Rae is set to star in the new “Barbie Movie” as President Barbie. Though the movie is portrayed as a comedy the plot is indeed very pink and puzzling. The star-studded film will debut this July. Rae continues keep any specific details about the film under wraps but shared with Yahoo Life the importance of “Black Barbies.” Her aunt told her representation mattered, especially playing with dolls.  Despite her being one of very few black fictional characters, Rae will shine bright.  

Issa Rae Creates Hilltop Kitchen & Coffee

Rae not only matters in television, she matters in her community too. The South L.A. native opened her fourth coffee shop in the respective Historic Hill Street in Downtown, L.A. The businesswoman and entrepreneur wanted creatives to explore their talents while enjoying a cup of hot brew. Rae’s continuous philanthropy exceeds expectations of those in her community.