Who doesn't want fuller, natural-looking brows nowadays? Eyebrow trends have taken a wild turn over the years, going from thin-line brows being all the rage to thick bushy brows being the new envy of the world. Right now enviable brows are somewhere in-between, and groomed-but-still-thick-and-healthy-looking brows are gracing runways, magazines and our favorite beauty influencers.

One of our favorite celebrities to go to for brow goals is the one and only Issa Rae. Her brows always strike that perfect balance between groomed and natural, and her makeup artist just spilled the secret to their perfection in a video with InStyle. Joanna Simkin works magic with a good clear brow gel and… NOTHING ELSE. Your multi-product brow routine is so last week, so check out her tips below to recreate the look for yourself! Even if you prefer a more elaborate brow routine for special occasions, this trick can help shorten your beauty routine day-to-day.

1. Brush your brow hairs up and out with a clear brow gel (Anastasia Beverly Hills makes a great one that will hold your brows in place all day).

2. Run the spoolie back the opposite way. This will pull each individual hair up and thicken the appearance up.

3. Smooth down the top brow hairs until they're a bit more cleaned up. This is where you can determine your preferred brow shape. Just be sure not to brush the bulk of your brow too much, as that will remove the volume you created.