I think we can all agree that this Black History Month has been…eventful. From baby announcements to not suitable for work content, we came ready to make the ancestors take their eyes off of the sparrow for a little bit. And though there have been some moments that have brought pause, if there’s one thing we know how to do as a people, it’s find some joy. Even when everything seems to be absolutely insane, we will dig out the laughter, the songs, the dances—whatever it takes to make us feel good again. This is part of our magic. Part of the thing that cannot be duplicated about who we are. Try as they may, no one comes close to the joy of Blackness and the people who possess it. So, we want to take some time to round up some of our favorite Black joy moments in 2022, thus far. 

Kaavia James Wade + Her Budding Empire

I mean, it’s Kaavia. This little pumpkin has been responsible for so much joy since her parents, Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwyane Wade, first introduced her to the world. From her Shady Baby side eyes to her toddler adorableness, whenever Kaavia is involved, a smile is sure to follow. She is also becoming quite the businesswoman already going into ownership alongside her mom of the Angel City FC women’s soccer team as well as debuting her own collection with the beloved children’s clothing line, Janie and Jack. 

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky baby announcement

Hey cousin!!!! ASAP and Rihanna had already stolen the hearts of many by being one of the flyest couples out but their pregnancy announcement really rocked the internet. The ultra New York pictures, featuring one tender photo of ASAP kissing Rih on her forehead, became some of the most shared photos of 2022 from the moment they debuted to the world. Now, we are all on baby watch and cannot wait to see the heir to the Fenty throne. 

The Super Bowl halftime show. 

All strained relationships with the NFL aside, the halftime show has always been a talking point for us all. Whether we’re debating on whether or not someone has the hits to really deliver or if we’re simply making memes about what we’re seeing, the most watched sporting event in the country also features one of the most iconic musical interludes of all time. And this year’s halftime show proved one for the books. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and the Queen, Mary J. Blige, delivered a super Black performance that was a moment of collective joy for us all. From crip walking to Mary’s signature thigh high boots and choreography, it was a moment that will be relived for years to come. 

The “Act Like You Know” Tik Tok trend

Taking from a clip of the legendary gospel singer Lashunda Pace singing adlibs in a live performance. The clip has spawned a ton of hilarious and way to relatable videos all across social media. It’s definitely the most popular TikTok sound currently and the creativity that has come from it has brought the sunshine. 

The Black Teacher at Hogwarts

Because, yes. Black Harry Potter fans have longtime created fan fiction where Black teachers and wizards have flown freely but this right here? Honey, it’s pure gold. TikTok user @TheBaddestMitch got it right in all the parts of her The Black Teacher at Hogwarts series. Its brought us all so much joy. “Yes, there is a spell to get thick but this homegrown”. Too good. 

Quinta Bronson and her elementary school teacher, Ms. Abbot

We all know how important it is to see ourselves represented in the classroom and when we get a chance to pay homage to the teachers who meant the most to us, it can be a truly wonderful thing. Abbot Elementary star and creator, Quinta Brunson, had this exact moment when she was surprised by late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, with the woman who she named her show after. The pair were both shocked when Jimmy surprised the hardworking educator with a trip to celebrate her retirement. So sweet!