Serena Williams’ baby number two is almost here. The pro-tennis player and husband, Alexis Ohanian, have now revealed their second child is a girl!

The big reveal came in a YouTube video posted to Serena’s channel. In it Ohanian pulls a bit of a prank on Williams just to add a little fun to the reveal party. To pull off his stunt, Ohanian leads Williams, their daughter Olympia and all the party guests to believe that the baby’s sex would be revealed in a common way, by cutting a cake. Williams begins the cake cutting when the video pauses and shows a flashback of Ohanian speaking directly to the camera.

Credit: @SerenaWilliams/YouTube

“So this case is as basic of a gender reveal idea I could come up with. Inside it’s yellow,” Ohanian tells viewers. “I’m doing this because I want to troll her and Olympia into thinking this is the reveal of jellybean. She will cut into this cake, probably be disappointed and hopefully, hopefully appreciate my troll.”

Once it was revealed at the party that the cake was yellow inside, Ohanian took the mic and told guests that he had much bigger plans in store.

“Serena you and Olympia deserve the best, ” Ohanian told guests. “That was a little bit of a prank you caught me. But we are going to reveal jellybean’s sex.”

An elaborate drone show then started that ended in the word “Girl!”

Serena, a self admitted member of “team girl,” was elated at the revelation.

Reveal Details

In the video Williams describes the reveal event as a combination of a gender reveal and a baby shower. Family and friends gathered at an outdoor location for a carnival style event that included a dunking booth, lots of balloons and tents. Williams’ sister, Venus, and father were both in attendance.

Baby No. 2

Williams announced her second pregnancy during this year’s MET Gala back. Williams and Ohanian dressed in Gucci from head to toe as they flaunted their newest, future edition on the white, blue, and red carpet.

“Was so excited when Anna Wintour invited the 3 of us to the Met Gala,” she wrote.

Later, Ohanian revealed how Olympia reacted to the wonderful news.

“Mama & Papa love this parenting-thing, so we’re back at it and @olympiaohanian is gonna be the best Big Sister – she’s been asking & praying for this for a minute. #MetGala,” he tweeted.

In addition, to the fashionable announcement, Williams shared several videos documenting her pregnancy progress on her YouTube channel. She has videos like “My Belly Routine featuring Olympia,” “My Pregnancy Workouts,” and more.

She and her husband share a daughter: Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr., 5.