As the seasons change from summer to fall, that’s how you know it’s time for a shift in zodiacs. Virgo season has ended and Libra season is upon us. This can impact your relationships with the people around

By the end of the organized, grounded and intense Virgo season, you may feel a bit drained and worn out. Luckily Libra season comes right along to provide a breath of fresh air. From September 23 to October 23 every year, the sun is in Libra and it offers us a sociable, harmonious, and fair-minded energy. Being an air sign, Libra is communicative and charismatic, but not ditsy. Libra is known to look at the world rationally, fairly and with little favoritism.

During Libra season you might find yourself contradicting your usual, stern, beliefs. If you usually have unshakeable opinions, you could find yourself moved to reconsider what you had previously sworn against. The energy of Libra has this demanding feel, pulling us to be fair in our thinking. Libra is all about balance, therefore, it asks us to look at issues from all sides before reaching conclusions.

We must also remember that Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, art and social grace. During Libra season, we can all (regardless of what you identify as) embrace the divine feminine energy—both within yourself and your environment. A good way to do that is by taking a break and slowing down. Even the tiniest of adjustments to your usual hustle and bustle, can make a huge difference during this season.

This season, you have to also be a little more aware of how you feel when making big decisions.  Libra is very good at negotiation and balance but it can come off as noncommittal. You may notice that it might feel more difficult to make large decisions. On the bright side however, you may find it easier to compromise, forgive, and collaboratively solve problems . Libra season can remind you to value your friendships and relationships, and it can motivate you to do the work of maintaining them. 

Let’s get to your love life during Libra season. This season brings a lighter and more romantic nature to your day-to-day routine. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This makes Libra one of the best signs in the zodiac when it comes to flirting and charming others.

You may even feel the romantic pull of Venus and be ready to take someone you’ve been seeing a little more serious. Love is in the air and cuffing season has begun. Many of us are ready for a partner to cuddle with in the cold. If you find someone and want to take it further, just remember that Libra is represented by the scales and is all about balance. Relationships require both give and take.

However you plan on walking through Libra season this year, just keep in mind those Libra scales. Libra works best in a harmonious balance. Too much of one thing can tip the scales and create unwavering chaos. Ultimately Libra season is light, fun, kind and gentle. Enjoy the season and have fun!