Some people don’t believe in astrology but there has to be something truthful about what’s going on in the cosmos and how it relates to us. If the moon can affect the waves in the ocean, the planets and stars can affect our day to day life. It could also affect our rate of success!

A recent astrological study looked at Forbes’ America’s Richest Self-Made Women 2021 list and tallied up all of their birthday’s and zodiac signs to see which signs came out on top. Along with the richest zodiac sings, there were some other interesting findings.

Taurus And Aries Came Out On The Bottom

Taurus season is over so this should be a safe space to break the news. Aries and their next in line sign Taurus are in the bottom when it comes to getting to the bag. The study found that the pair are the least likely to be wealthy.

Geminis Are The Youngest Moneymakers

Gemini season has arrived and with good news! The average age range of 53 to 70, with the youngest age belonging to the Gemini. The sign is known for being the best at financial planning and networking. Both very good skills to accumulate wealth at a younger age than the rest of the signs.

Finally, The Richest Signs Are Capricorn And Scorpio

Two signs that don’t usually get the best reviews are in the top two for being the most likely to be the wealthiest. Capricorn and Scorpio can attribute this to their ability to be hard workers and business focused. Capricorns specifically however, are in the top two but not two. They came in on the list with a total of $2.2 billion. Next was Leo at $2.1 billion followed by Libra and Scorpio signs breaking past $1 billion. The quadruple are all known for their determination and drive which would lead to their success.;