How many of you hate hearing any insinuation of the phrase, “Are you on your period or something?” Yeah, we’re right there with you. It seems that periods get a bad rap and while they’re not a walk through Disneyland while we have them — they definitely don’t deserve the hate that they get. 

As Teen Vogue put it, “period shaming and the stigma in general are straight up misogyny (prejudice against, dislike of, or contempt for women).” Many of the thoughts that come with the words period or menstruation involve unhygienic, shameful, dirty and plain ol’ disgusting, but that way of thinking needs to end .. like yesterday. 

PHOTO: Janelle Marie Lloyd

While no one really knows when the period hate started, back in 1991 a professor at University College London, Professor Chris Knight, wrote a book called Blood Relations: Menstruation and the Origins of Culture which explains his theory on women advancing the male-dominiated, patriarchal society we live in. According to Knight, women did not want to be touched while on their periods — he called it a short sex strike — which created a lot of solitude for women who were menstruating. 

PHOTO: #HappyPeriod Organization

We often hear that our periods make us moody, crazy, inept, incompetent and angry. Due to how deep the stigma of periods go, those who menstruate are often filled with negative thoughts about their periods as well — the concerns of how they should act as though to not have someone condemn them for menstruating, stopping activities, wondering if they’ll bleed through their clothes or if their pad is noticeable — while the concerns are valid, someone else’s opinion shouldn’t stop you from living your best life. 


 With movements like #HappyPeriod and efforts to speak more about our periods, we can normalize the talk behind periods and ensure that the talk about it isn’t only in whispers or in the bathroom while we attempt to brush past ripping open a tampon wrapper. After all, it’s absolutely amazing what our bodies can do, so why not celebrate it.

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