As Black women, we face a ridiculous amount of battles day in and day out. We have to prove ourselves at work just to come home and deal with family issues and don’t get me started on the amount of crap we have to take from men. It all can take a toll on you, and it’s okay to want help. We need it. Although therapy isn’t for everyone, it is a go-to for many and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not even giving it a try. For whatever reason, you’ve been putting it off for so long and it’s time to seek the help you want. Here are a few signs that it’s time to start therapy. 

You’re Overwhelmed

You might feel as though there are so many things on your plate. You have too many issues to cope with. You might feel like there’s a weight on your chest that even makes it hard to breathe. Stress and being overwhelmed can lead to even worse outcomes.

You Lack The Desire You Once Had For Social Outings

Social situations are a no for you. You don’t necessarily want your friends to stop inviting you to outings but your response is always a “I’ll let you know!” Losing interest in usual activities or life in general can be symptoms of depression or anxiety. Many people do feel better when they’re alone but if you feel distressed or anxious around other people therapy can help you understand and deal with these feelings.

Your Intrusive Or Anxious Thoughts Get The Better Of You

It’s normal to worry about things every once in a while, but when it takes up a significant part of your day, therapy can help. Also, when your negative thoughts are becoming too loud and you can no longer combat them, that isa sign that you need assistance in that fight.

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Behavioral Patterns You Can’t Quite Understand

Unhealthy habits are becoming a problem for you. We automatically think of drinking and drug use when it comes to this but it could be so much more. This could also include excessive shopping, excessive dieting, risky behaviors, seeking attention more often than usual and more.

You Feel A Lack Of Hope

Losing hope or feeling like there’s no future for you can indicate several mental health conditions. Feeling hopeless from time to time isn’t uncommon, but it becomes an issue when it’s persistent.

If you’re considering therapy, you may be thinking about the possible drawbacks. Finding a therapist is the first step, it’s not always easy but it’s worth it.

Working through challenges also isn’t easy, and therapy isn’t always a quick fix. When the time comes that you’re ready to see a therapist make sure that you are honest with yourself and with them. If you’re willing to do the work, therapy can be rewarding.