Jackie Aina is notorious for providing must-take beauty advice on her YouTube channel. She calls out brands who lack representation, shining a light on the companies who do get it right and provide diverse, quality products. Although she's collaborated with brands including E.L.F. Cosmetics before, the collaboration fans have been begging for a restock of was her La Bronze Diamond Glow highlighter with Artist Couture Cosmetics.

After the initial launch sold out in two hours, fans have been hard-pressed to find the rose gold brown-girl-friendly shade that skips effortlessly above other ashy formulas that only work for certain (light) skin tones.

And this year's release is even more exciting because Jackie is serving us another highlight, this time called "La Peach." Anyone who watches her videos knows how much she loves a good "peachy nude," and this shade (which also works well on lighter skin tones) embodies that term with enough sparkle to suit any occasion.

Check out her video below for demonstrations of both powders:

Pick up La Bronze ($28), La Peach ($28) or a bundle that includes both and a rose gold glitter makeup pouch ($55) for pre-order on December 15 or when they go live on Christmas Day, December 25!