Beauty guru Jackie Aina is expanding her candle line, FORVR Mood, into a fragrance collection.

The influencer officially the new collection on Monday after teasing a new, upcoming product the previous week. She took to Instagram to confirm her followers’ suspicions that she was extending her mark on the scent landscape.

To her loyal fanbase, Aina starting her own fragrance line is no surprise. They have been keeping up with the influencer since her start on YouTube in 2009, and she has always been vocal about her obsession with fragrances. On Instagram and TikTok, the entrepreneur shares her favorite scents in her videos.

Aina showed excitement for her forthcoming collection on TikTok, teasing fans with a series of videos days before the launch. In one video she posted, she captioned, “Realizing something you started creating in 2020 is finally launching,” with the emoji-filled with tears to follow. Another post featured a meme that read, “Me trying to act normal reading everyone’s comments like I ain’t wait 4 years for this moment.” She captioned that post, “10-year-old Jackie from La Puente would be very proud.”

Following several Instagram posts on Monday, Aina revealed a first look at the fragrance collection. She includes a photo of four different perfume bottles. The variety in the collection creates the perfect scent for everyone. “I Am Her” is in a rose-colored glass bottle, combining red velvet, raspberry, pear and oud. “Hard To Get” is in a gold-colored bottle, and combines the powerful scents of lemon, jasmine and whipped vanilla. “You Remind Me” sits in a clear bottle with apricot skin, orange flowers and sensual musk. “NDA” is in a light purple bottle, mixing tobacco flower, spiced rum and vanilla bean. 

Aina’s FORVR Mood Fine Fragrance Collection will be available online at Sephora and on, beginning on April 2, 2024.