Before Kesha's beautifully real and raw Grammy performance, Janelle Monae introduced her with a bomb Time's Up speech.

"And to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words: Time's up," Monae said. "Time's up for pay inequality, time's up for discrimination, time's up for harassment of any kind, and time's up for the abuse of power."

The #MeToo movement bombarded Hollywood, but Monae makes it clear that those same issues run rampant in the music industry as well. 

"We come in peace," Monae says. "But we mean business."

Kesha's following performance offered her #MeToo statement. In 2014, Kesha accused former producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald of rape and emotional abuse spanning a decade of collaboration, a lawsuit which she eventually dropped. However, she didn't stop the fight for justice. 

Tonight, the 30-year-old singer performed “Praying” with a backing group of Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Andra Day, Bebe Rexha and Julia Michaels, all in blinding white outfits.

If you thought Time's Up was just a fad, you're seriously mistaken.