Jennifer Hudson never ceases to amaze us. From her acting skills to her powerful vocals, she really is a powerhouse. But now not only is she killing her performances, she has now achieved a feat in the entertainment industry that only 16 other people have been able to accomplish.

Monday night “A Strange Loop” musical, which Hudson produced, won the award for best musical at the Tonys. The award is a win for the entire team that put the show together but for Miss J-Hud specifically, it was the final piece she needed to reach EGOT status.

What’s An EGOT?

The term “EGOT” stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. EGOT status is when a person in the entertainment industry achieves wins each of the awards. You could basically say they are the infinity stones of the entertainment industry which sort   makes her Thanos.

She’s won a Daytime Emmy as executive producer for “Baby Yaga”, Grammy awards for “The Color Purple as well as her debut album, and an Oscar for best supporting actress in “Dreamgirls.”

Why This Is A Big Deal

Only 16 other people in history has attained this status. Jennifer Hudson is joined famed artists singer John Legend who has also won an EGOT. This feat also makes her the youngest to ever achieve EGOT status and only the second Black woman to do so after Whoopi Goldberg.