A lucky thrifter found a purse that was initially gifted to Jennifer Hudson. TikToker @Crystellec discovered the bag while thrift shopping and found a business card and note inside. The discovery revealed that the purse was meant for the singer.

“Ms. Jennifer Hudson, what an honor to gift you with one of my handbags,” the note reads.You’ve inspired me just as much as every other black girl.. and for that, I wanted to personally say thank you! I hope you enjoy wearing this as much as I enjoyed making it just for you.”

The bag is the “You Fake Like This Birkin” purse by designer Sonique Saturday. Saturday started her brand in 2010. At the time, while attending Albany State University in Georgia, she designed a custom handbag for herself. Her classmates were so impressed with the bag that she started making and selling them on the side. Then, in 2012, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time handbag designer. She quickly gained attention from celebrities and fashion bloggers and the brand has continued to grow.

Twitter’s Reaction to the Bag Meant for Jennifer Hudson

The TikTok video about the handbag instantly garnered nearly 100k views after its upload. Users tagged both the designer and Jennifer Hudson in the comments. Other TikTokers commented their thoughts on the thrift store find.

Via Twitter @jkm8686

It’s unclear if the “Dreamgirls” actress ever received the purse or if she received it and then chose to regift or donate it.

“If it’s real or not, celebrities are just like us no one wants to hoard anything they don’t have infinite closet space lol,” one commenter wrote under the video.

 Another assumed Hudson decided to donate the bag and applauded the effort.

“I mean, if J HUD no longer wanted the bag, what was she suppose to do with it? The bag doesn’t hold any value. At least she didn’t trash it,” they wrote.

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