So many of us explore self-discovery, reflection and growth through writing daily in a journal. Whether you free-write, follow a structure of prompts or instead work on essays or poems, self-expression is a great investment of your time. Jhené Aiko, the R&B singer who makes music so many find calming and cathartic, recently released 2Fish: (a poetry book), a collection of thoughts she's been putting together since the age of 16. 

She's always had a way with words in her music, including her most recent album, Trip, but for her poetry, Aiko says she likes to keep it simple. In an interview with Billboard, she said, "As a poet, I like to keep it simple. I think that there is depth in simplicity. I feel like there's genius in simplicity. I don't try to use words you don't understand. At the same time, it's very personal and very much so comes from my heart. It's really my thoughts on paper."

The untitled poems within tell the story of her growth as a person through ups and downs from the age of 16 until now (she'll be 30 next year). Aiko has been coping with the loss of Miyagi, her brother, who passed away five years ago from cancer. The book tour kicked off last Tuesday in L.A. and will hit cities including NYC, San Francisco, Paris and London.

In her interview with Billboard, Jhené said that she hopes her work encourages people to write while they deal with their own difficult or complex emotions because of the immense peace and growth it's brought her and how it gives her a better understanding of who she is.

So what are you waiting for? Get writing!