Jumping rope is an easy outdoor cardio workout the whole family can enjoy. Regularly jumping rope raises your heart rate, improves your endurance, and can help improve your heart health. Plus, a jump rope is compact enough to fit in your gym bag.  All you really need is a jump rope, a pair of sneakers, and some water to get going.

What Are the Different Types of Jump Ropes?

There are several types of jump ropes out there. The most common styles are beaded, weighted, and speed jump ropes. In terms of materials, jump ropes can be made of steel, PVC (plastic), cloth, and even leather. There are also jump ropes that combine materials – like beaded-covered cloth cords and PVC-covered steel cords.

Best Connected Rope

Crossrope AMP Jump Rope Set

Photo Courtesy of Crossrope

Crossrope’s AMP Jump Rope Set connects to the brand’s app via Bluetooth so that you can follow along with guided workouts. This kit includes the connected handles, three weighted cords, a charging cable, a carrying case, and $20 off of the annual app membership – bringing it down to $79 for the first year. It’s $99 per year after the first year or $12 for a monthly membership. Plus, the app has a variety of workouts including HIIT, strength, and endurance exercises.  

Best Cordless Jump Rope

YOTTOY Cordless Jump Rope with Counter

YOTTOY’s Cordless Jump Rope with Counter makes it easy to jump anywhere, including outside. This cordless jump rope features large balls on each handle that help mimic the feeling of jumping with an actual cord. Also, one handle has a jump counter to keep track of your workout. Plus, when you crave a cord, you can just attach the included cord to these handles for a traditional jump rope experience. 

Best Double Dutch Rope

K-Roo Sports 16-Feet Double Dutch Jump Ropes

K-Roo Sports’ 16-Feet Double Dutch Jump Ropes come as a set of two so that you can get the whole family moving outside. At 16 feet long, you can fit up to three jumpers inside. These double dutch jump ropes feature ergonomic handles that are easy to grip. And, the long cords are covered in colorful segmented beads for faster rotations and durability. 

Best Lightweight Rope

STARFIT Lightweight Fitness PVC Jump Rope

STARFIT’s Lightweight Fitness PVC Jump Rope is an adjustable piece of equipment that you can easily take with you. Since it’s made of PVC (plastic), this jump rope won’t weigh you or your gym bag down. It’s 9.84 feet long but can be adjusted to a shorter length through the handles. And, this jump rope has ergonomic handles that are easy to hold. 

Best Speed Rope

Loocio Adjustable Rapid Speed Steel Jump Rope with Foam Handles

Loocio’s Adjustable Rapid Speed Steel Jump Rope with Foam Handles cuts through the air as you jump. Its thin stainless steel cord is able to move quickly through the air with the help of flexible ball bearings. The ball bearings are what let the cord move freely from the base without getting stuck inside the handles. Plus, the outside of the handles have plush foam for a comfortable grip.  

Best Weighted Rope

Proud Panda Heavy Jump Rope

$22 - $36
Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Proud Panda’s Heavy Jump Rope is available in six weights that span 2 to 5.4 pounds. All sizes use a thick multi-strand weighted woven cord. The woven pattern allows for the cord to be more flexible and durable. Plus, these jump ropes have a grippy texture on the ends to serve as slip-resistant handles.

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