Legendary rapper Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, with his many public meltdowns and missteps being well-documented online. In fact, his current ongoing relationship with his wife Bianca Censori is the subject of a great deal of tabloid scrutiny, due to the rapper’s alleged insistence in dressing her in skimpy outfits and restricting her access to family and friends.

Kanye was recently involved in an altercation with a member of the paparazzi who enraged the 46-year-old rapper after asking him the question “Does your wife have free will?” Still, Bianca Censori seems to have no documented issue with her current arrangement, leading some fans to believe the rumors of her lack of freedom are a thinly veiled attempt from reporters to goad Kanye into a viral moment. 

Despite the controversy, many hip-hop fans are quite curious about who Bianca Censori is, and how she and Kanye West came to be married. Though Censori has no active social media presence, she works in the fast-paced and connection-based world of fashion, making her a high-profile partner for the multi-platinum-selling artist. Here’s everything we know about Bianca Censori. 

She Was Born And Raised In Australia

who is kanye's wife? pictured: ye and biance censori
Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

Though Bianca Censori primarily spends her time in the Los Angeles area, she is originally from the land down under. The 29-year-old fashion icon was raised in Melbourne before coming to the United States to follow in her passions. Despite making her pilgrimage, Censori still has wonderful things to say about her native country, as she travels back and forth to the distant locale semi-often. Of course, since she began shacking up with Kanye West, Bianca has found herself jet-setting to a number of stunning locations across the globe, including Milan, Italy, where much of the production work on Kanye’s recent album Vultures 1 was done. 

Bianca Works At Yeezy

Bianca Censori first started working at Kanye West’s fashion brand Yeezy in November of 2020, and is currently still listed as an architectural designer for the apparel brand. Though the company has undergone a great deal of reconstruction in the past several years, such as parting ways with parent company Adidas, Censori seems to have retained her title throughout the tumultuous era. It is estimated, though not confirmed, that she first met Kanye and sparked a romance with him through her work at Yeezy. Prior to taking on the role of architectural designer, Censori was a student architect at the Australia-based DP Toscano Architects. She has also served as a design consultant for the minimalist home and design brand, Kelektiv. 

Like Kanye, Censori seems to have a passion for fashion and design, making the pair an ideal couple for collaborative fashion efforts. The 29-year-old also has an entrepreneurial spirit, showcased by her founding of the jewelry company Nylons while attending the University of Melbourne. Per a 2016 interview with i-D, Censori launched the company while “laying around with mesh, then putting crystals inside the meshing, just making really simple thin chokers.” 

Censori And Kanye Are Only “Technically” Married 

Photo by Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

While Kanye West and Bianca Censori consider themselves married, they have not tied the knot with an official government-recognized marriage certificate. The pair first sparked dating rumors just months after Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized in November of 2022, coinciding with a particularly volatile moment in the rapper’s career. Regardless, the artistic couple held a private religious ceremony in January 2023 which saw them devoting themselves to one another under god. 

The ceremony seemed to be something of a soothing moment for West, who had spent the previous months engaging in a tirade of highly offensive rants across social media and in interviews. Once the so-called “wedding” was finalized, however, Kanye rapidly cooled off and retreated into album mode, spending time away from the spotlight. In this regard, it seems that Bianca Censori is a positive influence in Kanye’s life, and has worked wonders for his mental health.

In January 2024, Kanye shared a happy birthday to Censori on Instagram, with the caption “Happy birthday to the most beautiful super bad fun iconic muse inspirational talented artist masters degree in architecture 140 IQ loving by my side everyday when half the world turned their backs on me and the most amazing step mom to our children I love you so much thank you for sharing your life with me.” 

Most recently, Bianca appeared on the cover of Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures 1 album cover, providing the designer with even more exposure than ever before. For now, it seems as though Bianca Censori’s career in art and fashion has just begun, leaving many fans to wonder what’s next for the talented young woman.