Media mogul Karen Civil and her marketing mastermind bestie Ming Lee have given us the podcast that all millennial women should be listening to. Hosted on the Joe Budden network, Girl, I Guess is a deeply personal, entertaining, and honest exploration into all things 30-something. Lee and Civil are a hosting match made in homegirl heaven, complete with full transparency of the current wellness movement and the straight talk we can all use from time to time. 

In the podcast landscape, it's not often that you find a show that strikes the perfect balance of motivation and accountability—this is what Girl, I Guess does so effortlessly. In a year in which so many Black women are looking forward to recouping anything lost due to mental exhaustion, personal hardship, and/or a global pandemic that stopped the world, Karen, Ming, and their guests are just what the doctor ordered. 

With seven episodes under their belt, Lee and Civil seemed poised to dominate the podcast space this year. Here are some of the best moments from the show thus far:

This word from Karen on letting go of a victim mindset + breaking down the four types of people who exist in our lives.

The HoodHealer breaking down our inability, at times, to disagree without stepping into disrespect.

Ming making a call to action for us all to normalize Black women living in luxury and making a way for ourselves. 

Karen's reminder to focus on your own journey without comparing it to anyone else's journey because it's important to keep in mind that what's for you won't pass you by! 

And lastly, the ever-generous Queens, Ming, and Karen, announced a giveaway for five women-owned businesses in which they'll be giving away 10K. We LOVE to see it. 

If you're looking for a real talk with two women who truly champion one another, go after their dreams wholeheartedly, and aren't afraid to be real about their mess—Girl, I Guess is definitely worth a listen.