Summertime is all about vacation, BBQs, and spending quality time with friends and family. For families with younger kids, three months can also mean a lot of downtime if activities aren’t always planned out. There still may be ample free time to keep your kids occupied. They need something to do between summer camps, sleepovers and family vacations! A magnificent way to stir the curiosity and creativity of your kids this summer is through KiwiCo’s Science Kits. These kits feature an array of challenges that provide a hands-on experience for kids to build, design and create gadgets and experiments. Parents with children between ages 1-12, can choose from a wide selection of activities that are both educational and fun for their kids.  

Rainbow Ball Run

Starting with the youngest ones, KiwiCo’s “Most Loved” item is the Rainbow Ball Run. This exciting toy is perfect for young babies who are still developing their motor, visual tracking, and auditory skills. Once the towers have been aligned, the objective is to place the ball at the highest tower and watch it drop to each subsequent tower. The sound of the ball hitting each point will generate a musical sound board that is pleasing and engaging for the little ones to hear.

Courtesy of: KiwiCo

Science of Cooking: Ice Cream

For what is sure to be a summer hit, treating kids to the Science of Cooking: Ice Cream is both educational and delicious. Finally, kids will not only know the secret behind the most tasty dessert, but through this “experiment,” they’ll be able to concoct a batch for themselves. All the tools and kid friendly recipes are provided through this kit, however all of the key food ingredients will need to be purchased separately or sourced from home.

Courtesy of: KiwiCo

Window Garden Kit

Kids with a natural curiosity towards gardening, or growing plants at home, will love the Window Garden Kit. For future botanists who are curious about the science of plants, the set carries two suction cup planters, seeds for both squash and beans, soil, and a water spout. They place the planters on the window and literally watch their creations sprout all summer long.

Courtesy of: KiwiCo

Astronaut Starter Kit

For children who are captivated by the intergalactic makings of our universe, the Astronaut Starter Kit is the perfect choice. Kids will be able to build a modern solar system as it orbits, as well as a spaceship and launch pad. They will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in space travel and begin to understand the inner workings of real life space exploration.

Courtesy of: KiwiCo


Levitating Lantern Kit

Magic is always something that kids will find captivating, and now they can be a part of the illusion. The Levitating Lantern Kit allows kids to engineer the magic in this creative tensegrity experience. Apart from putting the lantern together, they will also get the chance to add the spark of light by wiring the electronics and choosing from an assortment of colorful filters to bring the lantern to life.

Courtesy of: KiwiCo

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