Our body is our temple, and to keep it feeling its best, it’s pivotal that we prioritize our vaginal and uterine health. 

If you’ve been searching for some amazing, and trust-worthy, products to keep your lady feeling – and even looking – her best, then look no further. Here are five of our favorite feminine products!

The Pu$$y Power Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Yoni & Vaginal Wash by Goddess Detox is the brand’s first ever all-natural vaginal feminine wash. It’s infused with rose quartz crystals, as well as calendula, peppermint, lavender, and aloe vera, which will leave your lady area free of any odor or residue. 

Its packaging also features yoni affirmations which speak power, love, and self care over your body. This product is available at a price point of $30.

No one enjoys dealing with debilitating cramps and PMS symptoms every month. But worry no more – My Happy Flo’s Plant Based Period Relief Vitamin is the solution for PMS relief and just providing a healthier, happier, period experience overall. It works to reduce heavy bleeding, cramping and bloating. It boosts mood and energy, improves hormonal balance, and features seven essential vitamins which include vitamin D3, iron and zinc. 

You can now purchase a one-month supply at a discounted price of $39.99. Or a two-month supply at a discounted price of $64.

GNTLE’s Lady Wash is a herbal feminime wash that promises to “give you a taste of what an itch-free, odor-free, and pH balanced Lady is like.” It will clean your lady area, restore its natural moisture, balance your pH, and protect from harmful bacteria. It’s also formulated with just four, all-natural ingredients which makes it safe for daily use – even on those with lady parts that require more sensitivity.

This product is available at a price point of $40 for a full sized bottle. And a price point of $15 for a travel size.

These Womb Detox Capsules by Entouch Feminine Care are sound-infused for healing and 100% organic. They work to “cleanse the uterine cavity of stagnant blood flow,” prevent heavy period blood flow and hemorrhaging. And are formulated with maca root powder, turmeric powder, cinnamon bark, dandelion root, and more, for peak results. 

This product is available at a price point of $30.

The Fader: High Potency Brightening Pads by Peach Fuzz Laser Studio are packed with mandelic, kojic, ascorbic acid, and alpha arbutin to improve the appearance of dark spots “left behind from folliculitis cause by tweezing, shaving and waxing.”  

It’s also hydroquinone-free and available at a price point of $64.99.