Keke Palmer became a notable childhood star with her breakout movie, Akeelah and The Bee. Like Raven Symone, Palmer starred in her own legendary sitcom, True Jackson VP. After two decades in the entertainment industry, Keke Palmer writes her own narrative with her second studio album, “Big Boss.” Palmer recently opened up about working in a male dominated industry, being over sexualized and staying true to her craft. 

Young Black Girls Sexualized In The Media 

Palmer said that she believes the media refuses to see young Black girls as innocent in a recent interview with BuzzFeed. The singer and actor spoke with the outlet about how society overly sexualizes young Black women. She said Black women are not seen as “damsels.” The talented artist said that society scrutinized Black women, especially those with a darker hue, since slavery.

Palmer was a victim in an alleged sexual harassment incident with Trey Songz. She blasted Songz for his misconduct, but social media victimized Palmer for the occurrence. In the interview, she said that she does not believe that the industry will change its perception of Black women.  

The Chicago native believes the only way to dismantle these biases about Black women is through education. However, she said that without the proper research, Black women will not be visible and assumed illegitimate.  

Palmer’s Next Steps 

Palmer released a visual for her upcoming album. The visuals reveal messages of her working in a toxic, male dominated industry. At times, she felt without a male’s presence she couldn’t showcase her own abilities.

Palmer created her own space through this directorial debut. Towards the end of it, she made a group of girls hug themselves. Through that message, Palmer expressed to viewers to nurture their mental health. Palmer told BuzzFeed she wants fans to follow their “dreams and never give up.”