Keke Palmer has always been very open with the public about about her life. Her consistent transparency has been a breath of fresh air to many and a reminder that people often face similar struggles. Palmer is now opening up about her sexual identity in a way that some can relate to. Especially if they find themselves feeling like they don’t know where they fit in.

Her Identity Battles

The actress was awarded the Vanguard Award by the Los Angeles LGBT Center this past weekend. In her acceptance speech, as Variety reported, she said her identity has been a struggle.

“I’ve always been my own person, and sexuality and identity, for me, it’s always been confusion. I never felt straight enough; I never felt gay enough; I never felt woman enough; I never felt man enough. I always felt like I was a little bit of everything,” Palmer said at the event. 

As she continued, she explained her views on gender growing up. She explained that she never understood the rules that society has attached to being a woman.

“You know, since I was younger, I always questioned the boxes I was forced to be in and it starts with who you’re supposed to be as a child. You’re supposed to be as a Black person or whatever the background you are from… Then those walls just try to cave you in from every damn angle, who you are as a creative, who you are as a friend,” Palmer said.

She did, however, express gratitude for a community of people that allows her to be herself.

“I’m truly so grateful to be seen in this room because I know I’m surrounded by people who know without a doubt what it’s like to decide to be who you are in a world that tells you to be everything but yourself,” the actress told the audience at the awards.

Palmer ended her speech with commentary on being true to yourself.

“Who you are as a creative, who you are as a friend. There is no greater masterpiece than living your truth,” she said.