“Knock You Down” singer Keri Hilson became a force within the music industry in 2004. The Georgia native broke out onto the music scene as a songwriter, later gaining her background vocal debut in 2007 on Timbaland’s “The Way I Are.” Over the next four years, she would release two albums and a number of singles that made their way into the Billboard 100. The singer-songwriter has also earned two Grammy award nominations in addition to several other accolades celebrating her artistry. Despite a hiatus from music, Hilson has continued down the artistry path, entering the film industry as an actress. Her film appearances include “Think Like A Man” and “Riddick,” amongst five other films. With credits in both music and cinema, here’s our deep dive into Keri Hilson’s net worth.

Who Is Keri Hilson?

(Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Keri Hilson, outside of music, has stirred quite the buzz amongst her female R&B singer counterparts. It’s been reported that friction with Beyoncé is ultimately what led to the decline of her career, although it has not been confirmed. It’s also been reported that a rocky dating life took momentum away from her music.

While her two albums did have successful singles, her third never made it out. Tour appearances have been the consistent in the latter half of Keri’s career. And, as she embraces a new leg of artistry, acting, she’s also made notable appearances there as well. Her philanthropic efforts include education and health ranging from raising awareness about HIV AIDS to increasing literacy within marginalized communities. An array of passions have contributed to the artists’ overall net worth. 

What Is Keri Hilson’s Net Worth?

It’s been estimated that Keri Hilson has attained a net worth of between $5 million and $25 million. Through songwriting, backup singing, and her own career of lead vocals, Keri has built a substantial amount of wealth for herself. Earnings from her record sales are close to $800,000 not including wealth gained from tour appearances and/pr brand deals. It’s also been reported that both her philanthropic and entrepreneurial endeavors (formerly as the face of Avon) have contributed to her current net worth. As she continues to join tours, putting herself in front of established and new fans, it’s possible that her net worth will grow as notoriety can play a role in brand partnerships and industry opportunities. 

Where Is Keri Hilson Now?

The last talks of a possible third album for Keri Hilson occurred in 2016. It was set to feature prominent artists and production. While the album has not yet been released, Keri has continued to perform on tours, with one of the last being at the Femme Forward tour in 2019. Ashanti, whose net worth was reported to fall between $5 million and $20 million, was also on that tour amongst other women of R&B. Since then, the talent has done most of her creating online in the form of social media content for her personal/professional profile.

Behind the scenes content from tour life are what you’ll find in her feed. She also shared a photo of herself wearing a fake baby bump, while on the set of a film, which sent her fans into an investigative rage. They’ve also expressed strong desires for new music from the artist. However, as she continues along her tour, film and self-love journeys, we continue to wish her the very best in all aspects of her life.