Gospel singer Kierra Sheard-Kelly is having a girl! She posted an Instagram story from the gender reveal party she and her husband threw for family and friends.

The couple’s loved ones gathered around as the two launched canons filled with pink powder. Before the gender was revealed, the crowd counted down and yelled out what gender they thought the couple was having as they waited for pink or blue smoke to emerge.

The Grammy-award singer was filled with joy when she learned she is now team girl mom. Her mother, Gospel legend Karen Clark-Sheard, took to Instagram to brag about another angel she has to spoil and share her excitement about the future addition. She’s already stated that her future grandchildren will be “some saved, sanctified, successful, sanging grands!!!”

Kierra Sheard-Kelly Talks Pregnancy and Journey to Motherhood

The singer announced her pregnancy in mid-May with a heartfelt message about her journey to motherhood and an exclusive photoshoot with People Magazine.

“I am so excited and blessed to have this opportunity to carry my prayer and watch our baby grow,” Sheard-Kelly said. “I’m most excited about raising a game changer, loving someone so deep, and having that same impact my mother had on me. I think I’ll be raising one of my best friends!”

This pregnancy comes after Sheard-Kelly opened up about two miscarriages.

“God still showed me that He’s in charge, and to keep believing. I’ve been fearful and have worried, but God has sent me constant reminders and ways of affirmation. My husband’s faith and declarations have stood in place of my lack many times,” she said.

Sheard-Kelly and Jordan Kelly married in 2020. Since then Sheard-Kelly has been enjoying married life.

“It’s beautiful. There are some suburban and ghetto days. We’ve been having more suburban days than ghetto, but it’s been beautiful,” Sheard-Kelly joked.

The mom-to-be say the pregnancy has helped strengthen her marriage.

“Getting on one accord helps create our love child and is growing us closer,” she continues. “I’ve downloaded faith-based books, prayed every morning over my womb and baby, and surrounded myself with a very supportive and prayerful community.”