Kim Kimble is a stylist to the stars. Her roster of celebrity clients includes Zendaya and Beyonce.

As the set stylist for the HBO series “Euphoria,” and throughout her career, Kimble has worked with plenty of expensive hair care products. 

Now, the celebrity stylist has brought her years of expertise to the everyday person with her namesake product line that’s currently available at Walmart. The collection includes hair care products, tools, and her newest addition, The After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax.

“I wanted [these products] to be affordable and accessible. . . it was important to me to put in comparable quality to what I use when I’m working on set or in the salon,” Kimble told 21Ninety.

What is the After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax?

“The After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax is a temporary hair color wax you can use to change your hair color without damage,” Kimble explained. 

The conditioning wax delivers bright pops of color and saves you money that you would’ve spent at the salon.

“You can have that color instantly, it’s an instant thing you don’t have to be committed to,” the celebrity stylist noted. 

Kimble encourages people to get creative with the product.

“You can do multiple colors. You can match your outfit if you want to,” Kimble added.

Hair color wax vs semi-permanent dye

Kimbles color wax is healthier for hair if you usually bleach your hair to apply a semi-permanent dye. Excessive bleaching can cause long term damage to hair that could take months to years to grow out.

The bleach-free hair color uses beeswax, olive oil, and herbal extracts to condition the hair while you have the product in. Once you rinse the conditioning wax out, your hair still feels just as healthy as when you first applied the product. 

There’s no bleaching required for serious color payoff with Kimble’s wax.

How to use the After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax?

Kimble demonstrated how to use the After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax for 21Ninety, by using it on fellow celebrity stylist, Kendra Garvey

During the demonstration Kimble explained that there are three main steps to achieve the perfect punch of color: apply, even out, and dry. You can use a blowdryer with a diffuser, or let the product air dry.

And, just like that, you have bold hair color without spending your life savings.

“It’s called instant gratification,” Kimble exclaimed. 

Tips for using the After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax

While the wax is super easy to use, here are a few tips for the best experience. 

First off, take note of your hair length. You’ll want to section your detangled hair, or protective style, before applying the color. 

For short haired folks, apply in circular motions for the best results, according to Kimble. And, use a comb to distribute the wax.

A little goes a long way so start with less than what you think you need and build from there.

Second, let your hair dry all the way before heading out.

“Once it’s fully dry it won’t transfer as long as it stays dry,” Kimble said. 

Lastly, Kimble mentioned that using a satin scarf or bonnet will give you more time with your color.

“You can get about two-to-seven days out of it,” the celebrity explained.

Keep scrolling to shop the After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax. Plus, other Kim Kimble products to help you achieve the best results.

Hair color wax

Kim Kimble’s After Party Hair Coloring Conditioning Wax delivers damage free color to all hair types. It comes in four colors that you can mix-and-match: blue, red, purple, and silver. Use it on natural hair and protective styles.

Detangle brush

Before you apply the wax, detangle your hair with the Kim Kimble Detangle Brush For Wet and Dry Hair. This brush has eight separate rows of bristles and an ergonomic handle to make separating your strands a breeze.

Styling comb set

The Kim Kimble Part and Twist Styling Comb Set comes with a rat tail and a spiral comb. Use the rat tail comb to create even sections before your hair color goes on. Then, after the wax is applied use the spiral comb to create uniform coils.

Hair clips

Reach for the Kim Kimble Styling and Makeup Hair Clips to keep your drying hair out of your face while you apply your makeup. You can also leave the clips in as a hair accessory.

Pro hair dryer

Kim Kimble’s Celebrity Series Ultra-Light 1875W Pro Hair Dryer is a powerful tool to dry your colored hair quickly.

Satin head scarf

Photo Courtesy of Walmart

To prolong the wear of your colorful hair style grab Kim Kimble’s Silky Satin Head Scarf. The one-size-fits-all scarf is a 30-inch square that’s designed with big, natural hair in mind. 

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