Who doesn't love a good relaunch, sis? It's been twenty-one years since designer and founder, Kimora Lee Simmons Leissner, first introduced Baby Phat to the world, and this past Saturday, it was officially announced that the popular women's brand will make a stunning comeback. As WWD reports, Leissner purchased Baby Phat with the intent to relaunch the streetwear label later this year. "It's perfect timing for this," she shared with WWD. "Over the past several years, we realized the brand resonates with people and lives deep in their souls." 

Back in the day, Baby Phat was a revolutionary — one of the first brands to blend hip-hop with fashion and bring it to the mainstream. Leissner is also one of the first Asian women to be president of a billion-dollar corporation, serving as Baby Phat’s creative director and president from 2000 to 2010. Phew, chile! Do you feel old yet, sis? But we're here for the nostalgic moment. According to WWD, the label's relaunch will be a "mainstream sportswear collection for millennials targeted to the mid-tier retail level." 

Photo: WWD

To coincide with the announcement of Baby Phat's return, in celebration of this recent International Women's Day, Leissner joined UN Women and the Gender Innovation Coalition for Change to also reveal the She Innovates campaign to fight for gender equality in the workplace. "It means so much to me personally to be involved with UN Women — the impactful work they do resonates with women worldwide," Leissner shared with WWD. "What compels me most is not just its endeavor to bring awareness to gender equality, but the actionable agendas this group creates to facilitate actual change by innovating new standards." 

Baby Phat is scheduled to relaunch this summer and just like its original release, the brand will be a family affair as Leissner's daughters — Ming Ling Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons — will also contribute to its re-growth. So sis, locate that old flip-phone and cue up some Cash Money Records tracks, as we prepare for the return of puffy bombers, pink velour bucket hats, and that sparkly, Baby Phat logo to our wardrobe. 

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