Not every sew-in is made equal and they are not made to be. While it may seem like people have always gravitated to straight and wavy hair, it may not have always been a matter of preference but instead a lack of options. Angela Fite' wanted to change the access to affordable, quality kinky curly extensions. Through her effort, KINKISTRY was born! 

“As a consumer, I really was disappointed in a lot of the kinky curly extensions that I purchased through brands and found that their quality didn’t really much the price that I was paying for,” Fite’ said explaining her inspiration for starting her kinky curly extensions boutique. 

She also found that she was not alone in this struggle. Friends and family admitted to Fite’ they faced the same challenge and from there she knew the development of KINKISTRY was not just a want, it was a need. 

“I decided to learn more about the industry. My goal was to bring a product to market that blended well with natural hair, endured various forms of styling and maintained its curl pattern over time but yet was affordable.”

After extensive research and testing numerous extension textures, KINKISTRY was shared with the public and hit the ground running! The brand offers shoppers seven different natural textures to choose from ranging between 3A/B “S” patterned curls to tightly coiled 4B/C curls. 

Based on their 63.3K followers on Instagram and endless hair reviews on YouTube, we think it’s safe to say Fite’  accomplished her goal of creating a hair company that not only proved to be affordable but provided quality products for their customers.

Interested in learning more about the hair KINKISTRY has to offer? Check out these reviews:


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