There are more ways than one when it comes to showing a little skin. The first option doesn’t always have to involve cropping or cutting off, making things shorter or thinner. Knits, cut-outs and mesh offers the opportunity to bare a little skin, while leaning into a budding trend.

Sometimes, showing a little skin looks like wearing a crochet or mesh dress, or an artful top with large cut-outs. The knits, cut-outs and mesh trend takes beachwear and applies it to casual wear that you could wear on different occasions. Whether you choose to layer something underneath or not, these specific silhouettes and cuts of clothes are extremely on-trend and surprisingly seasonless.

Where Did This Trend Come From?

Dating back to the 60s and 70s, the era of handcrafted clothes was prevalent as part of the bohemian and hippie aesthetic. Showing skin and making your own clothes were indicators of societal shifts, such as feminism. Mesh fabric was not only used for its breathability, but also within goth aesthetics for its edgy and revealing appearance. In recent years, mesh has made make a major comeback.

The resurgence of knits, cut-outs and mesh trends working together can be attributed to various factors. Fashion often experiences cyclical trends, and with the growing support for sustainably made clothes, there’s a newfound appreciation for the art of handmade garments, especially hand-stitched mesh tops and crocheted dresses.

Best Cutout top

Chiara Top OW Collection brand

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Revolve

This classic triangle cut-out design has been seen everywhere. From the clubs to weddings, this style of cut-outs has been popular, and for good reason. It is not only super flattering, but also allows you to wear something that complements a print or pattern.

Best Sheer Top

DIOTIMA Ruched Sheer Top with Crochet-Trim

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Bergdof Goodman

Diotima has been making major waves for their signature crochet dresses and tops. However, many miss out on some of their basics and avant-garde takes on classic silhouettes, like this see-through mesh turtleneck. The high neckline, long-sleeve sheer top with crochet detailing at collar and cuffs is the perfect trendy buy.

Best Crocheted Dress

High Priestess Crocheted Cotton Maxi Dress

Photo Courtesy of Photo credit: Nia Thomas

If you’re seeking a classic crocheted beach cover-up or evening dress with a high neckline, then the High Priestess Crocheted Cotton Maxi Dress is the perfect choice. Besides its striking fiery red color and open back, the maxi dress also features open-styled crochet slips, adding a more revealing touch.

Best Lace Dress

Peppermayo Leona Lace Maxi Dress

Photo Courtesy of Peppermayo

Similar to the High Priestess Crocheted Cotton Maxi Dress in color and silhouette, the Peppermayo Leona Lace Maxi Dress draws inspiration from the fiery and sensual feminine look of a beach cover-up. However, it takes a different approach by incorporating lace, evoking the allure of intimate apparel. The neckline is reminiscent of a classic tank-style dress, making it easier to wear for dinner or a night out without feeling overly exposed.

Best Lace Slip Dress

Skims Lace Long Dress

Photo Courtesy of Skims

Slip dresses are the cheat code to making any getting-ready moment just a little bit easier. However, they can often fall flat in terms of style, risking looking like nightwear. The Skim Lace Long Dress is perfect because it maintains the silhouette of a slip dress, but the added lace elevates it, making it suitable for a night out.

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