Believe it or not, 2018 is almost over. As we prepare for holiday gatherings, new 2019 planners and new goals, it is the perfect time to assess what will come with you in the new year and what needs to stay right here. 

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One of those heavy areas of consideration may be your current romantic relationship. If you’ve been going back and forth on whether it is worth holding onto, or if it's time to let it go, the relationship experts at Pulse have these four signs it’s time to leave that “love” behind.  


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There are so many instances throughout our day that we may feel the need to play up or play down who we are, but in your relationship, you should feel free to be your authentic self at all times. If you feel pressured to be someone you’re not, or feel as though your partner doesn’t accept you for who you are, it may be time to reconsider. 


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We all know how important communication is in any functioning relationship. It is hard to grow with someone if you cannot speak to them or have healthy dialogue. If there is a lack of communication, you may want to explore your communication styles or find someone else who is more compatible in that department.



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If you are communicating with your partner but your words are not being received, or you are not met with some level of understanding, even when you disagree, it may not be worth holding on to. Pulse said it best:

“In a healthy relationship, each partner's opinions matter when it comes to decision making, especially concerning their relationship. If you get the sense (whether subtle or not) that your partner values their own opinion above yours, that's a sign they won't make a great partner long-term.”


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Not every match is perfect and there may be things about your partner that do not match what you envisioned to a “T,” however, if you are building a relationship and you do not share similar foundational values, it may prove to be a struggle down the line. 

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