Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson entered the league and shook things up instantly. One of only a few Black quarterbacks in the NFL, he soon earned the title of MVP and later signed one of the largest deals in football/sports history at $260 million. With the support of his family, Lamar has been able to stay focused on his career keeping his personal life private. In interviews, he’s credited his success to having a mother/family that isn’t trying to be in the spotlight. That also includes his girlfriend of over seven years: Jaime Taylor.

While there isn’t much about her on the internet, we know of their relationship via interviews where both she and Lamar have mentioned one another. These mentions have allowed us to connect some of the dots and inspired us to do some digging. Who is the woman behind the man, the myth, the MVP and football legend? Here’s what we know about Lamar Jackson’s girlfriend.

Where Did Jackson and Taylor Meet?

Though the couple has intentionally kept their romance-turned-relationship off of social media, we do know that they met at the University of Louisville and started dating back in 2017. Perhaps it’s the privacy that has allowed them to enjoy what they have and keep it going for over seven years. Maintaining a sense of secrecy has allowed many couples both inside and outside of the spotlight to flourish.

They Support Each Other

“Rising above” is an expectation that the couple has set for one another. In a recent interview, Taylor shared that the criticism Jackson receives from media personalities and journalists has bothered her. It’s in those moments that Jackson has told her to “let them do the talking” and “just show them” without saying anything back. Similarly, when Jackson received a hate comment that doubted his worth in connection to his newly acquired multi-figure salary, he returned the energy and then some. Taylor suggested that he delete his comment and within minutes, that’s just what he did. A couple that listens together, glistens together.

Jackson’s Daughter is Born

Milan, Jackson’s daughter who he refers to as his “pride and joy,” was born in 2021. Followers of hiw social media channels have witnessed the quarterback’s happiness when it comes to his daughter, who he affectionately calls “Lani.” Jackson has even shared photos of her in a Halloween costume and while celebrating one of her birthdays. While speculations have circulated about whether Taylor is the mother of Milan, nothing has been confirmed. 

We know that Jackson values his family and that their support of him has helped to fuel the trajectory of his career. The athlete has stated that he plans to keep his eye on the prize, achieving more goals, breaking and setting more records on the football field. And we look forward to observing these successes as well as the ones he achieves as a father-partner-son at home.