With the release of her new track, “Put It On The Floor,” Latto’s continues to prove her grind is unstoppable. The hitmaker recently sat down with her sister Brooklyn Nikole, on Latto’s Apple Music show, 777 Radio. The siblings discussed their familial bond, cosmetics surgery, and what it means to be a young woman in the music industry. 

Latto Works To Perfect Her Craft

Latto talked about her Coachella experience on the show. She explained she’s relieved that Teyana Taylor is now acting as her new creative director. Nikole, shared that she is proud of her sister’s success and fame but explained she could never do it herself. Latto joked about having to plead with her sister to be a guest on the show.

“I’ve never been the center of attention or outgoing, I’ve always been to myself,” Nikole said. “You have to have a star quality and you got that.” 

On the show, the rapper called her Coachella performance, “LattoChella” and stressed the 6-8 rehearsals she endured before her big performance. She did it all while recording her album. Nikole acknowledges her sister’s hard work.

“I be sad when you work that much. I be like ‘Can you come home?’” Nikole said.

Sisterly Support

The discussion between the sisters also turned serious at points. Latto talked about not speaking to her father for two years. She blamed the industry for their separation. Nikole revealed that she didn’t want Latto to inference with her cosmetic line, Beauty By Brooklyn. But Latto told her sister to accept her blessings and not make life harder for herself by refusing help. 

Surgery Is A No No

Stephens said that she is confident in her body and acknowledged she has had cosmetic surgery. Still, the rapper said she wants her sister to be comfortable in her “natural state” before going under the knife. She blamed her music career for her resulting surgeries. She said she wants to make sure young girls who decide to get surgery, do so without societal pressure.

 “You’re going to find a flaw and another flaw and another flaw and another flaw,” Latto told her sister. Surgery is not a permanent fix.”