Almost three years after her partner, Nipsey Hussle, was tragically killed, Lauren London has showcased positivity and the ability to move forward. She recently went viral on Twitter after being interviewed on Jay Shetty's podcast, "On Point." In the interview, London shared an important life lesson on surrendering:

Because at the end of the day, as much control as we think we have, we do not. And it's actually very powerful to surrender. We think that it's a weakness. But it's so much power in letting go and flowing with the river. Because life is going to do what it's going to do. And we are all going to get chin-checked by life one way or another. So I might as well focus on my enlightenment and roll with the river and not fight with the rocks.

As we enter Women's History Month, we must identify the societal perception that as women, we seem to have it all under control. But as London states, we do not. And that's okay. Life will have detours and take us in different directions than we intended to take. 

We will experience tragedies and touch circumstances in life that we didn't anticipate. And though facing them can be difficult, in order to properly heal we must surrender. We must let go of our expectations. We must accept however our lives decide to unfold. We must go with the flow of the river and not get wrestle with life because of the "should of" and the "could of."

Lauren London went viral on Twitter and received so much praise and affirmation for the wisdom she shared:

Seeing London's growth and her healing journey has been inspirational. And it is a remainder that even in the midst of a life transition, we, too, can find true healing when we choose to surrender.