It can be said that Lauren London is living her second life. The actress, whose world was thrown into a whirlwind after the passing of her partner, Nipsey Hussle, has committed to living a life that is now sewn into purpose and intentionality with every step.

Her latest venture, in partnership with PUMA, includes her ‘Forever Stronger’ campaign which has now unveiled its second collection.


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Forever Stronger II features “ a powerful manifesto emblazoned across unisex hoodies, long sleeves, and kids’ tees – a physical representation of hope and optimisim.” Forever Stronger II was created with the purpose of honoring those who “persist in the face of adversity, embracing the world with unrelenting compassion and endurance.”

The full collection is available exclusively on, the PUMA NYC Flagship Store, and in select retailers. 

In addition to releasing this latest collection, Lauren has been consistently on the move spreading positivity and love. The 37-year-old, mother of two, recently hosted an Affirmations Workshop for LifeCamp Inc. And also sat down with ESSENCE for an exclusive interview, sharing what “simple things” bring her joy today.


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“I love nineties music and I love really good food,” she shared. “I’m really simple now. I love Disneyland and roller coasters and I love coming home and it’s quiet and I can turn on ‘The Golden Girls.’”

“I’m hella boring,” she continued. “I’ve been through too much sh-t. It’s time for boring in my life. I think there’s pressure on feeling like I have to be doing so much to be at peace, but simplicity brings me peace.”

The actress also shared what ‘Forever Stronger’ means to her.

“That just means for me, like no matter what you go through in life, you are stronger from it,” she said.  “You’ll forever be stronger in life. Every hurdle you come across, you are meant to climb over. And whatever it is, may you be forever stronger from it.”