With The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill hitting its 20-year mark and neo-soul legend Lauryn Hill making her rounds on tour, the excitement surrounding Hill and her legacy is infectious! In addition to her musical contributions, Hill will be fronting her first ever fashion campaign for Woolrich.  

PHOTO: Vogue

The Pennsylvania-based brand has been around since the 1830s and brought Hill on board to be the face of their rebranding series titled American Soul Since 1830. Hill not only posed in front of the camera for Woolrich’s autumn/winter 2018 collection but she also helped creatively with the clothing items behind the scenes. 

"Lauryn Hill does what Lauryn Hill wants to do," Mel Ottenberg, a stylist who worked on the shoot, told Vogue. "She marches to her own beat, and with this project, she got to completely show her instincts as a creator. So much of her vibe is in the pictures, it's so cool."

PHOTO: Vogue

One of the designs Hill had a hand in were jackets that have collages of her debut solo album and the photos that were taken at the Harlem Theatre; the same location used for Hill’s Doo Wop (That Thing) music video. Ottenberg recounted the moment she stepped out onto the stage to meet them for the shoot. 

"I rarely get starstruck, but she was a force to be reckoned with. She’s a tough cookie, but so beautiful… A mega star, with such modern style."

The entire team seemed to be in awe of Hill and she sweetened the experience by practicing her vocals for The Miseducation tour. 

"It killed everybody, it was the most exciting ever," Ottenberg exclaimed. "I have a history of working with strong women, because they inspire and challenge me, but this was really special."

PHOTO: Vogue

While we are still shock this is the first time Hill will be the forerunner for a campaign like this, Ottenberg reminded us all of one important point: 

"Lauryn Hill does what Lauryn Hill wants to do."

Watch the video below to see what American Soul means to the founding Fugees member and Queen of neo-soul: 

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