Something we love about trends is that they always seem to make their way back around into popularity. This summer, the "afro-bubble ponytail" has swung back into a trending rotation and, from the looks of it, many nautralistas have been put their own spin on the classic style. 

PHOTO: Youtube

With the addition of beads, gold/silver hair clips, funky parting patterns and more, the refreshing reinvention of the style has caught our attention and has us running to the beauty supply store for all the materials we need to achieve this look. 

Popular hair stylist and influencer, Susy Oludele, shared her process and necessary products with Allure to help us all rock these textured afro-puff ponytails. First, you want to section off your hair into the number of ponytails you desire. Next, add gel to the mini section before placing your hair in the rubber band to slick down the section. Next, grab your marley or afro hair and lay it flat against your own ponytail. Secure the hair, with your hair in the middle, and secure with a rubber band. After that, once the hair is attached, blend your hair with the added hair and scope out the first section you want to create your first "afro puff ball." Once located, twist a rubber band around that section to create the "ball." Continue that process down the length of the ponytail until you reach the end and TA-DA! 

If you’re like us and need a visual aide as well, Oludele recently gave this look to content creator/influencer Nneoma Okorie which Okorie shared on her YouTube channel: 

So now that you’ve read the steps and watched the tutorial, here are some inspo pics to get your creative juices flowing: 

PHOTO: Pinterest

PHOTO: Youtube

PHOTO: Glamour

PHOTO: Pinterest

PHOTO: BlackNaps

PHOTO: DivasNaps 

PHOTO: YouTube

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