Social media influencer, Jade Kendle, her twin sister, Simone Kendle, and their younger sister, Madison Ambrose, are teaming up to bring fellow creators a new platform called Life is Content.

The platform is "for creators, by creators," and provides tons of resources for honing multimedia content creation skills. The platform offers e-courses for content creators to enroll in. The e-courses cover "multimedia content creation with an emphasis on storytelling, digital strategy, personal branding, and professional etiquette." After successfully completing these e-courses, creators learn new ways to have a stronger influence within digital and tech spaces by creating content people want to see. The e-courses also teach creators how to monetize their influence.

Jade, the CEO and Founder of Life is Content, has tons of experience with creating an influential social media platform. Better known as @LipsticknCurls, Jade has "16.5+ million YouTube views and over 500,000 followers across her multiple social media platforms." With the launch of Life is Content, Jade is now able to share her wisdom on how she has accomplished becoming a seasoned content creator. 

I want people who take my courses to walk away with a better understanding of themselves, a better understanding of what they are passionate about, and a better understanding of how they can monetize their platforms. — Jade Kendle

Jade's willingness to help others reach the same level of success coincides with the slogan: #CommunityOverCompetition. There is room for you, sis! 

For more information or to enroll in Life is Content, visit the site here.

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