A visit with your hairstylist can be therapeutic. There’s an intimacy to someone working with their hands in your hair. In addition to the act of your tresses being tended to, there is the conversation. These exchanges can be truly beautiful, if you and your stylist have similar beliefs. However, when you both aren’t on the same page, the time you spend with an offensive hairstylist can be irritating.

There are clear signs that you should look out for to determine when you should be on the hunt for a new stylist. Here are some signs to look out for when dealing with an offensive hairstylist.

You Both Don’t Share the Same Core Beliefs

Being around someone who doesn’t share your core values is uncomfortable. Listening to someone weaponize their religion, disparage the LGBTQ community or use offensive words to describe people is more than annoying. No one wants to spend their time of relaxation either fuming or confronting them.

You Don’t Feel Good Giving Your Money To Them

When people express disappointing and divisive beliefs, it makes you wonder how they’re moving in the real world. If you’re a loyal customer, there’s a good chance that your money could be used to support people and causes that you would never. You may feel indirectly responsible. Although you aren’t responsible for it, putting your money into the hands of people who are unkind is unsettling.

You’ve Stopped Talking

Some people like to go to the beauty shop and zone completely out. It’s like a spa-type experience. However, some people use the time to socialize with other women. When your offensive hairstylist is irritating you, it can make you clam up. If you no longer enjoy the camaraderie at the shop, then it might be time to find another one.

You’ve Lost Respect for Them

Most people don’t have many interactions with hairstylists outside of the chair. However, it’s nice to respect the person who works in your hair and accepts payment for their services. When offensive hairstylists rub you the wrong way, you begin to lose respect for them.

You Dread Your Appointments 

Getting your hair done is a cause for celebration. It’s time you invest in yourself. It makes you feel good. You should enter these moments with a sense of jubilation and excitement for your new look. If the days before your appointment fill you with anxiety about what your offensive hairstylist may say, then you need to find a new safe space.