The sound of a slow burn: a consistent, light crackling of a well-oiled pan… that’s what starts a dish off right. A low fire creates a slow burn and the heat is manageable because the fire is consistent. That theory can be applied to Leo and Capricorn Compatibility.

The fire sign Leo, whose engulfing flame sparkles of charm and wit, paired with the earth sign Capricorn whose responsibility and determination make for the perfect partner to fan a fire. On their own, the two signs love a challenge, sharing in the pleasure of domination. Together, they can make for a power-couple, romantic or platonic, where a lion’s strength and a seagoat’s persistence pair perfectly. Here’s why and how Leos and Capricorns are the way they are alone, in love, in their careers and in their friendships.

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Leos – July 23 through August 22

Ruled by the sun, these loyal leaders are generous and ambitious. They’re lovers of the spotlight and the opportunity to celebrate themselves. While there can be an air of arrogance and the capacity for jealousy, these lions have a fierce charisma that helps them navigate the difficult and uncomfortable. They’re passionate and protective when they place their egos aside with a bold kindness that’s memorable and true. This kindness burns for the chance to be shared with a suitor.

While their actions may speak volumes, Leos in love can struggle or take a bit longer than others to voice their feelings. They want to know that they have your full attention first because it’s what they give themselves and what they’ll give you. That’s where their loyalty comes into play when you show, with your thoughtfulness, that you’re worthy of their commitment. A comparable level of commitment to their careers, Leos love their work when it allows them to reflect who they are. Creativity comes easy to them and they’re comfortable being on the front lines where their work can be appreciated and their work ethic acknowledged. The more you celebrate them, the better they perform although being honest with them also acts as a true form of appreciation.

Lastly, in their friendships as well, appreciation goes a long way. The dedication that they bring to their friendships comes from a deeply loyal place of valuing themselves and the people who treat them well. If you have and love a Leo who loves you, you’ve also learned how to love yourself (better).

Capricorns – December 22 through January 19

Ruled by Saturn, these determined dominators believe in responsibility and structure. There are steps to take towards perfection in every arena and if taken the battle is won. Victory and success are expectations, if not entitlements for these sea goats, because they’ve done the work to get there. Whether in friendships, relationships or careers, you won’t find a lear more capable of getting to and through the finish line; arriving promptly to the celebration and on to the next task.

This level of focus and stealth shows up in their love lives too: not as obsession, but as pure grit towards making strides. Again, those steps are important for Capricorns when dating. So, when they get to that place of trust and comfort, you have a very loyal and passionate lover on your hands who will stop at nothing to protect you and show their appreciation. Stopping at nothing feels characterizes their careers too.

They’re ambitious and persistent, confident and critical and you’ll benefit from being in their circle once they decide that the two of you will be friends. In their friendships, they’re present even while planning to take over the world. Great listeners, as they want to fish for the falsities, these signs will make the best of friends as long as they balance the curtness with consideration.

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

So, are Leos and Capricorns actually compatible? The short answer is possibly. Let’s dig a little deeper. Romantically, this pairing might aim to outshine the other; not only for the sake of a goal achieved, but in the demonstration of love. Competition is necessary and friendly amongst this duo who gets that leadership isn’t only for the boardroom. Together, Leos and Capricorns enjoy a love that is calculated before getting deep, but once deep also long lasting.

Speaking of long lasting, there’s a passion here that fuels the fire. That simmer that we mentioned has the capacity to boil over in the bedroom if Capricorns let go and Leos zero in. The perfect opportunity for both signs to put their egos aside, Leo-Capricorn sex is about the long game and enjoying it the whole way through.

With a genuine interest in longevity, this pairs friendships are backed by kindness, quality time and affirmation. Building solid plans and celebrating one another’s wins guarantees a fruitful friendship between Leos and Capricorns; one where growth is bound to happen. Before you know it, Leos and Capricorns in friendship will start to feel like family.

While their traits resemble one another, what drives them is different and can play a role in driving a wedge between the two. Power requires a push and pull so what works on paper needs to be applied before it’s a workable theory. These strong willed signs can make it work in any case without the need to force if they set the time aside and relinquish control.