The TikTok “Pink Sauce,” created by Chef Pii has been blowing up social media. If you haven’t seen it on your timeline, you’re one of the lucky ones. Before you go back to research this on your social media feeds, let’s go over what exactly this condiment phenomenon is and how it seems to be doing more harm than good

What Even Is The Pink Sauce?

According to the brand, the dipping sauce gets its bright pink color from dragon fruit. Other ingredients on the list include water, sunflower seed oil and raw honey.

Chef Pii has mentioned that the sauce can be used on various foods like chicken, gyros, tacos and more.
Now, you may be asking yourself, how can a harmless sauce made with all of these natural ingredients have an entire community on Tiktok up in arms? Well, it mainly comes from several inconsistencies on the creator’s part.

Okay, So What’s The Issue?

Several users have pointed out major inconsistencies with the sauce’s nutritional label, the way it’s shipped, and even its taste. For a food product you’re buying over the internet, those should be the number one concerns. One sauce connoisseur “The Sauce Boss” took to TikTok to explain a few things he found wrong with the sauce. One big issue he pointed out was the label. There were many misspellings which shows the lack of unprofessionalism in the product.

On top of the several videos from users have posted showing the pink sauce in different hues of pink, many are questioning what it even tastes like. Chef Pii has often mentioned that she can’t describe it. But those who bought it sure can. Some critics have compared it to a watered-down ranch, a sweet ranch, or not even having a taste at all.

What Chef Pii Had To Say

Of course, anyone who is proud of a product they created themselves would go to bat for their product and that is precisely what Chef Pii did. In a Youtube live video that last almost an hour, the Pink Sauce creator addressed everyone’s comments.

You guys are judging a prototype. A prototype is when a product is not an official product. Pink Sauce has only been an official product since the first of July.

-Chef Pii, Creator of “Pink Sauce”

Her live may have done more harm than good. The comments she made seemed to have constantly contradicted themselves through the hour. The chef also addressed the inconsistencies with grammatical errors and serving size on the bottle’s nutritional label, placing blame on her graphic designer. She also made it clear the product is made in an FDA-approved commercial facility.

Is The Product FDA Approved?

The creator took to Tiktok live just a few days later and only seemed to have made matters worse. In the live she made comments about the product being FDA approved. She questioned why everyone is concerned with it being FDA approved. She went on to say that the FDA approves medicine and that she never said her product contributes to anyone’s health. This led users to believe that she has no idea what the FDA even is.

We don’t know what’s next in this Pink Sauce saga but we sure are hoping the best for Chef Pii!

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