Where two or more Black women are joined together, there shall fly be…or whatever God said. Can we just take a moment to relish in being both Black and woman? In Women’s History Month, there is even a greater opportunity for us to shine a light on those among us who are running with the torch passed down to us all. A torch of creativity. A torch of innovation. A torch of sisterhood. What’s better than one woman to celebrate for being dope? TWO! And right now, we see some of our favorite boss babes joining together to keep a collective foot on all our necks. We love to see it. From beauty brands to fashion collabs, with their powers combined, Black women in business are leading the charge, breaking through glass ceilings and keep it fly as ever. 

Here are a few Black woman collaborations that we’re loving right now. 

The Lip Bar x Glamaholic Lifestyle ‘D Girls Do It Better’ collab.

Both Mia Ray and Melissa Butler have successfully built two of the biggest and fastest growing brands in business, so it only makes sense that the pair have joined forces for a special collaboration that’s guaranteed to sell out in minutes. With over 10 years in business for both of them, Melissa and Mia know a thing or two about what people want and how to make a product that satisfies that desire. Never straying away from their target demo, this inaugural collaboration between the two has Black women written all over it. 

Yvonne Orji x Tabitha Brown For The Season Finale of Tab Time.

Hey favs! We are living for this adorable moment between actress Yvonne Orji and our favorite Auntie Tabitha Brown on Tabitha’s Youtube series Tab Time. In the episode titled ‘Many Ways To Say Goodbye’, Yvonne plays Captain Cya Later who teaches a bunch of fun ways to temporarily leave our loved ones. The series itself touches on so many important and complex ideas for the littles and this episode is not one to miss. 

Mashonda Tifrere x Various Black Woman Artists for the To Each, Her Own Exhibition. 

Mashonda has teamed up with Urban Zen to curate an exhibit through her company ArtLeadHer. The exhibit features a “a collection of paintings from 16 dynamic artists of diverse disciplines who have explored both the famine and masculine energy that exists in today’s society”, according to a statement by Mashonda. The exhibit which is open to the public from now until April 18th from 12-5pm Mon-Sat, takes place in the West Village which has had a sorted history with supporting work from Black artists in recent years, so it’s lovely to see this helmed by a Black woman as well. 

Vernee Watson-Johnson x Daphne Maxwell Reid Guest Starring on Bel-Air.

The new Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reimagining on Peacock has all the makings of a classic show all on its own and with the right amount of nostalgia, it’s a certified hit. So this week’s episode that features the original (light-skin) Aunt Viv (Daphne Maxwell Reid) and Will’s original mom (Vernee Watson-Johnson) as new characters in the Bel-Air universe will be a guaranteed fan favorite. It’s so nice seeing OG cast members have a place in reboots across the industry. 

Lizzo x The Cast of Watch Out For The Big Grrrls. 

Lizzo is doing for the girls as usual and her latest collaboration with Prime Video proves it once again. Full figured Black women are often left out of media when it comes to dance, especially choreography, and the Grammy-award winning singer has decided to close the gap on their behalf. The series follows women who are vying for a spot as backup dancers on Lizzo’s tour but it is much more than that. Throughout the episodes, the women form a bond and give an inside look into what the experiences are around building and maintaining self-confidence as well as navigating a space that has historically favored thin bodies. It’s an all around girls movement that we are absolutely here for.