If there’s one thing that we love, it’s being able to bring those spa-like treatments right into our homes. And with the recent surge in the popularity of LED face masks, that’s exactly what we get to do!

According to Glamour, LED face masks use “red and near infra-red LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) to target multiple skincare concerns at once.” It works by utilizing different wavelengths of light, from red, to blue and yellow. They penetrate deep beneath the dermis layer of the skin and “stimulate a different response.”

When incorporated into one’s regular skincare routine, it’s very possible to see visible results, but one must also keep in mind that because these tools are for at-home use, it will take longer to see progress as fast as you would if you had visited a specialist.

Nonetheless, benefits include minimizing the look of breakouts, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions. And because the practice utilizes light therapy, it supports an improvement in mood by boosting one’s serotonin levels.

Experts recommend that users follow the instructions of their specific LED face mask. Also, remember to not exceed usage beyond their recommended amounts of time. Typically most recommend a usage of three times per week, for no longer than twenty minutes. 

If this at-home self care experience sounds like the perfect fit for you, here are the best LED face masks to get started with!

Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Faceware Pro

If you’re not looking to target any specific skincare concerns, yet want to try a mask that has great benefits overall then definitely consider Dr. Dennis Gross’s Spectralite Faceware Pro. It’s suitable for all skin types, only takes three minutes per use, and boasts skincare effects such as treating fine lines and wrinkles, inflammation and acne! 

Lightstim for Acne


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Lightstim for Acne utilizes blue light to “destroy acne-causing bacteria” and red light to “soothe and calm the skin.” It works to clear existing breakouts with improvement seen in as little as two to four weeks. Just hold the tool to one area of your face for three minutes, listen for it to beep, and move onto the next area.

MZ Skin Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

This LED face mask utilizes five different color lights to target various skincare concerns. Red to stimulate collagen production, blue to treat acne, white to promote skin repair, yellow to reduce redness, and green to reduce pigmentation.

Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment


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If you don’t mind putting in a little extra work with your LED face mask, and are searching for results that will be super customized to your skin’s needs then look no further than Foreo’s UFO Smart Mask Treatment. This LED face tool requires you to prep your skin with your choice of serum or sheet mask, and follow up by rubbing the mask in circular motions across your skin. The tool also features an accompanying app which allows you to pick the best LED light for your session, control the temperature and even “deliver sonic pulsations for improved product penetration.”