It makes sense that the veteran rapper known for the smash hit “Lip Gloss” would eventually launch a cosmetics line. Lil Mama had young Black girl’s lips popping in 2008 with her hit song. Now, 15 years later, the rapper, who’s real name is Niatia Kirkaland, will soon offer cosmetics through her new beauty brand, Vaniteaset Cosmetics and jewelry through a collaboration with company Aporro.

What The Line Includes

Kirland debuted a visual of the “It’s Poppin Collection” on Instagram. The songwriter exuded confidence as she sat facing a vanity mirror, showcasing her new products. She has not released the details of each item. In the promo video it appears the collection may include a series of rose gold eyeshadow, blush palette, and makeup brushes. Kirkland basks in her feminine glory while she applies a glossy lip product. The jewelry line is made of dainty, charm bracelets and a name plated, cuban link chain.

Why Lil Mama Made Black Women Proud

It’s been over a decade since Kirkland dropped her infamous single. Kirkland made young, Black teenager girls proud of their lips with the release of the hugely popular song. Until this day, the charted song still plays at social events which shows Kirkland’s impact on the industry.

After a hiatus from the music industry, Lil Mama rebranded herself as an actress and businesswoman. Under her post, viewers responded positively to her beauty endeavors. A few fans called Kirkland a living icon. One user claimed they were buying the whole line. Another fan said it was “about time” she released a makeup collection. The MC deleted previous posts and it seems her sole focus is her new collection. Hopefully, the support from fans will allow Kirkland to continue celebrating her goals.