There’s a new hero lip product on the market. Introducing the goldilocks of lip products: the lip glaze. “A lip glaze is a lip product that combines the high-pigment opacity of a traditional lipstick with a high-gloss finish of a lip gloss,” four-time Emmy-nominated makeup artist, Kerrin Jackson, told 21Ninety. “There are clear glazes of course, and they are the exception to the rule.” 

Lip glazes are wonderfully versatile, too. You can wear them on your bare lips, with a lip liner, or over lipstick. Some even have a plumping element to give your lips a plush pout. Jackson mentioned that while lip glazes and glosses look similar, they have their distinct uses. “A lip gloss is used to give your lips a gloss finish, while your lip glaze is used to give your lips a different color pop, with a gloss finish as well.”

HOLIKA HOLIKA Heart Crush Bare Glaze Tint

HOLIKA HOLIKA’s Heart Crush Bare Glaze Tint has a shade range as cute as its packaging. It comes in a frosted heart-shaped tube that boasts a petal pink cap on every color available. 

This gel-textured lip glaze comes in eight buildable colors that span pink, red, and orange hues. There’s even a bright pink that resembles a certain famous doll’s signature color. This lip glaze also leaves a tint so that your color doesn’t fade the moment you take a sip of your favorite drink. 

While it looks adorable, there are actually some lip nourishing ingredients packed into this aesthetic container. The formula includes apricot seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and camellia japonica seed oil. That way, your lips feel as good as they look.

The Face Shop fmgt Lip Glaze

Photo Courtesy of YesStyle

The Face Shop’s fmgt Lip Glaze coats your lips in pigmented color that leaves a long-lasting tint. There are six colors available that cover shades of purple, red, orange, pink, and brown. 

With its syrup-like texture, this lip glaze leans on a moisturizing ingredient blend that tends to dehydrated lips. Each tube contains glycerin, sweet almond oil, and sunflower seed oil. Best of all, that moisturizing blend supports this lip glaze’s long-lasting glow. 

butter LONDON Glazen Lip Glaze

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

The Glazen Lip Glaze from butter LONDON adds a layer of shimmering color to your lips. It comes in six shimmer-finish colors including shades of gold, brown, pink, and purple. All of the colors boast an eye-catching shine that you can wear on your bare lips or over a lipstick. 

Beneath the glimmering surface, this lip glaze features a combination of lip nourishing ingredients including jojoba oil and avocado oil. That pairing keeps your lips moisturized long after you’re done wearing this lip glaze. Each tube of product features a perforated tip that evenly distributes the glaze onto your lips without the need for a lip brush.

3CE Glaze Lip Tint

Photo Courtesy of YesStyle

3CE’s Glaze Lip Tint is available in a range of shades that will remind you of a picturesque sunset. The entire color range has seven colors that cover deep red, through coral and orange, to land on soft pinks. All of the colors offer a glowing finish and natural plumping effect from deeply moisturizing the lips. Glycerin, squalane, and castor oil are blended into each tube of this lip glaze.

stila Plumping Lip Glaze

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

The Plumping Lip Glaze by stila gives you the color-rich glossy finish you crave with an added lip boost. This lip glaze uses a tingling formula to gently plump the lips. That said, know that you’re still getting the moisturizing experience you expect from a lip glaze. Castor seed oil, camellia seed oil, and sunflower seed oil are in this product’s ingredient blend to nourish your lips.

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