Just like the women and girls who rock it, natural hair is diverse and a reflection of each person's individuality. After a conversation with her niece over her natural hair, Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock took to social media to spread the message of natural hair love and positivity. 

PHOTO: PlayBuzz

Pinnock’s caption began: "My niece of 7 years once came to me and said she didn’t like her Afro and wanted to look like the other girls in her class and it broke my heart that she didn’t consider what she had as beautiful."

The selfie Pinnock posted to share her message shows her free curls framing her face and shining in the sunglight. She concluded her post by saying: "Love your curls, love your Afro.. we need to teach young black girls that that IS just as beautiful ❤️"

Her post not only received comments about her beauty and people agreeing with her sentiment, it also created a forum for women and girls to share their natural hair stories. One commenter shared she is only girl at her school with naturally curly hair but she find power in her curls. 

"I’m the only one in my school with curly hair. At first i felt a bit funny about it because all my friend had straight hair…. but now i’m loving my hair!! Everyone around me loves it and thinks i’m such a lucky girl to have those curls. When i have my afro on, i’m feeling pretty and unique! And you are one of the reasons why i became to love my hair. You are so inspiring and i love that you support girls with afro’s!! Love You Leigh!"

Some women even confessed they used to feel like Pinnock’s niece but have now grown to love their natural tresses. However, some people in the comments admitted they are still struggling to see their natural hair as beautiful but they are trying to get there. 

Overall, the more we have women like Pinnock speak out about loving your natural hair and showing its beauty in mainstream media, the more we can inspire young girls to do the same! Here are some natural hair girls who boldly embrace their natural hair: 

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