Lawyers representing Lizzo’s former tour dancers claim other former employees are coming forward with complaints against the singer. Last week a lawsuit was filed accusing Lizzo of sexual harassment, creating a hostile work environment and body-shaming.

NBC News reports that attorney Ron Zambrano is now vetting new allegations from at least six people who claim to have toured with Lizzo. The news outlet reports that Zambrano says allegations are “of a sexually charged environment” and failure to pay employees.

Attorney Ron Zambrano, whose firm focuses on employment law, shared with the outlet that of the allegations his office is reviewing some are actionable while others are not.

Zambrano said the three ex-dancers involved in the lawsuit “have bravely spoken out and shared their experiences, opening the door for others to feel empowered to do the same.”

Lawsuit Against Lizzo

Ex-tour dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez filed a lawsuit against the “Good As Hell” singer last week. The lawsuit accuses Lizzo of a hostile work environment and sexual harassment.

The claim details when one of the dancers felt pressured to attend and participate in a nude sex show in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The ex-dancers alleged that Lizzo had them attend a burlesque without revealing the nature of the show.

“Things quickly got out of hand,” the lawsuit said.

The document also accuses Lizzo of creating an unhealthy work environment. Those allegations include claims that the singer called attention to dancer’s weight despite her being known for promoting body positivity in both herself and her fans. And Davis listed a time when she “soiled herself” on stage. The incident happened during an “excruciating” re-audition, “fearing the repercussions” of going to the bathroom.

Davis and Williams were eventually fired, while Rodriguez made the decision to resign.