It seems as though there is a new nail trend every other week or so. The newest one that has everyone intrigued? Aquarium nails. But don’t worry, no fish were harmed in the nail design process.

No, aquarium nails don’t involve images of fish (of course, unless you want it to). The trend is mainly focused on the idea of creating a “water tank” in your nails. Often times you’ll find “floating” items in the the tank design.

Nail technicians achieve this look by creating a hollow shell in the nail design, typically using the space between the back of the nail and the finger. Then they fill it with all the fun things; glitter, gems, decals, etc. After that is done, the nail get filled with a gel-like liquid with a similar consistency to what you would use in a lava lamp (remember those?), seal it and done!

The design is definitely not for the weak hearted as these nails absolutely need to be long to achieve the look. But this trend is definitely one to be on the lookout for!